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Get the fuzzy glow of a beach read, when you're actually stuck on the bus.

A scan of the original print feature for GLAMOUR can be found here.

Monday, 8am – and you’re squashed between commuters. Yet the man next to you is laughing loudly at his Kindle. How? Scientists have found that reading can improve your mood. A study by Glasgow University found people with depression who read self-help books for a year have their mood boosted more than those who just have the usual GP care. “Depression alters how the regions of the brain communicate. Reading (self-help or not) seems to connect abnormal patterns of connection,” says Dr Rajeev Krishnida from the university. Which got us thinking about the books that made us smile. Verdict? These six.

The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin
You vowed to sort your shiz out, but where to start? This book combines psychology and practical advice to streamline your to-do list – from getting better sleep to having more fun. Inspiring stuff.
You say… “It helped me because it put common sense ideas into a realistic action plan that I could actually follow – starting with something as simple as cleaning out my wardrobe.” – Christina, 23


Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen

When a book has comedic appeal spanning two centuries, you know it’s a goodie. Meddling Mrs Bennett and bumbling Mr Collins made readers laugh out loud in 1813 ¬ – and continue to make us LOL now.
You say... “It’s uplifting to know we’re still cringing about the same stuff they were then.” – Tania, 32


Be Awesome, Hadley Freeman

Guardian journalist Hadley Freeman’s second book explores sex, feminism and the joy of eating peanut butter from the jar while in PJs.
You say... “Great if you need a dose of female empowerment, also great if you just want a laugh.” – Laura, 31 


The Marriage Plot, Jeffrey Eugenides

Messy break-up? Put down the Mills & Boon and try this. Eugenides turns the traditional romance plot on its head with this coming-of-age tale of three college graduates in the ’80s. All gloriously devoid of sap.
You say… “It was funny, understanding and made me realise that no matter how lost I feel going through my own life, everyone has problems, too.” – Olivia, 26


The Dance of Anger, Harriet Lerner

This has been a bestseller for nearly a decade and gives advice about harnessing anger. Constantly bickering with your mum? Keep running back to an ex? This book will help.
You say… “Having read this, I can now respectfully say, ‘I disagree with you’ without it exploding into a row.” – Samantha, 31


Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Junot Diaz

This Pulitzer Prize-winning novel tells the story of a geeky Dominican boy growing up in New Jersey, who dreams of finding love and becoming a great author – despite a family curse. It will make you laugh and break your heart in equal measure. 
You say… “Even though it's a sad story in many ways, its distinctive humour leaves me feeling cheerful and hopeful." – Patricia, 34

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