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On-site editorial content & social media copy

Attuale, the luxury retailer focusing on sustainable ready-to-wear and lifestyle products, commissioned me to craft beautiful, multi-platform copy for their latest campaign.
Comprising a series of short films and stills,  their 'Mastering Minimalism' campaign sought to set the tone for a modern way of shopping, with longevity front of mind. The brief? To communicate what minimalism means to Attuale and simultaneously inspire the reader to opt for slow, sustainable fashion.

A meaningful campaign demands meaningful copy, so I set about writing a thoughtful, long-form feature about enduring, minimalist style.

Though I was waxing lyrical on a minimalist approach to buying rather than minimalism as a movement, I thought it important to reference the movement's pioneers, starting with the author of the now-iconic 'Less is more' motto, architect  Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe. I dipped into 1960s New York - specifically the visual artists eschewing the self-referentiality of the previous decade's abstract Expressionism. Then, I fast-forwarded to the '90s, contemplating designers whose fuss-free designs and monochrome palettes continue to be replicated to this day.


With the feature filed, I turned my attention to the accompanying series of Instagram posts, distilling my long-form musings into snappier, social-optimised captions that would entice scrollers to stop, save, like and comment. Below, you can read a couple of examples.

attuale ig post 3 copy.gif

What is minimalism? Minimalism transcends the seasons. It is not bound by trends. It is about investing in quality fabrics and timeless design to build a wardrobe of forever pieces that won’t fade or date.

attuale ig post 1 copy.jpg

The fluid form of the Luminary maxi dress by @jacintajames encapsulates modern minimalism. Note the fluted sleeves and frilled edges. The result? Effortless femininity with enduring appeal.

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